November 13, 2011
he new power supply technology

Per channel output current of 250mA is no inductors spread spectrum step-down DC/DC converter

Sprinter company of LTC3252 type spread frequency buck transform device of features is as follows: used low noise 2 phase spread frequency switch system structure; double current output, output current for 250mA; efficiency up to 88%; entered voltage range for 2.7V~5.5V; output voltage for 0.9V~1.6V; spread frequency frequency range for 1~1.6MHz; power current for 60 μ-a, closed machine current <1 μ-a; occupied circuit plate area <35mm2; used 4x3mm The DFN-12 package, and is priced at $ 2.6 (1000 piece quantities).

Design of power supply with high efficiency and flexibility of a mobile device integrated IC

Texas instrument of TPS65010 type integrated IC has following features: may for single lithium ion or lithium polymer battery for linear charger management; has USB or wall Shang mains socket charging of double entered port, meet 100mA/500mA USB requirements; has output current for 1-a, and efficiency for 95% of buck transform device, for I/O and perimeter components (VMAIN) using; has output current for 400mA, and efficiency for 90% of buck transform device, for processor core nuclear ( VCORE) using; has 2x 200mA LDO, for I/O and perimeter components using; enabled LOW-PWR introduction feet may in deep sleep mode Xia reduced or without processor DC Power Jack for Toshiba Satellite P30-40 core nuclear power voltage; static current for 70 μ-a; benchmark voltage precision for 1%; has overheating closed machine protection function; VIB, and PG and LED2 three root introduction feet has 1 kV HBM and CDM function; used 48 feet 7x7mm QFN package, price for 4.99 dollars (1000 pieces batch)

Board area occupied and SO-8 are the same “high efficiency” MOSFET

Vishay Intertechnology company PowerPAK SO-8 MOSFET characteristics are as follows: power consumption can be reduced up to 60%; the drain current is larger than the standard MOSFET SO-8 package 45%; use Board area to reduce 53%, thin profile 55%; intended to be applied to servers and desktops in the single-phase or poly-phase power supply circuit, requires a 30V devices notebooks, as well as fixed DC/DC converter and load points in a telecommunication equipment (POL) converters.


Advanced Load 12V input DC/DC converter

Artesyn technology company launched has SMT05E type, and SMT10E type and SMT15E type three species advanced of 12V entered load points DC/DC transform device, they of features is as follows: 0.8V~3.63V of output voltage may by a only external resistance device to set; output current has 5-a, and 10A or 15A three species specifications; does not needs minimum load; may and circuit plate Shang 12V normal bus power together using; price: SMT05E (5A transform device) for 8 dollars ; SMT10E (10A converter) to $ 10.45; SMT15E (15A converter) for us $ 14 (10,000 batch)

Excellent line and load regulation ability of switching regulators

Beta Dyne Corporation launched the SR20 and SRA40 are excellent line and load regulation ability and 20W constant-frequency current-mode boost transformer. SR20 input voltage is 5~8V, output voltage 9V, 12V, 15V, 18V and 24V five, and the SRA40 the input voltage is 10V~17V, the output voltage 15V, 18V and 24V three. In order to work correctly, switching regulators require a low impedance power source or input and output capacitance of minimum 1000 μ f. Both regulators the package dimensions are 1x2x0.39 inches. Intended to be applied to the battery charger, external modems, xDSL/standby system power supply, communications, LAN and network system of hardware and point of sale (POS) system. The SR20 is priced at $ 49; SRA40 is priced at $ 65.

PlugNDrive of household appliances with integrated power modules

International Rectifier company of IRAMS10UP60A type integrated power module of features is as follows: rated current for 10A; for 400 to 750W motor drive design; in V/Hz control loop in the using more parallel current feedback, no circuit layout limit; has built-in overheating/had flow protection circuit; integrated of owes pressure cut off function up anti-fault role; very applies Yu washing machine, and indoor air conditioning machine and commercial refrigerator; price for 8.3 dollars ( 10,000 batch) International Rectifier company

Integration of 700V power switch offline power switching regulator

On semiconductor recently launched four new offline power supply switching regulators, each are integrated a 700 volt (v) the power switch, with its unique performance characteristics, for digital cameras, digital video camera and player, battery charger, wall-mounted adapter, white goods, consumer electronics, industrial equipment and auxiliary units of LED display applications such as power supplies.

New NCP1012 and NCP1013 devices are used for low standby energy consumption off-line switching power supplies (SMPS) single-chip switching regulators, respectively and 250mA programmable current limit, designers can choose from several preset limit value to meet their application requirements. These two devices have been equipped with fixed switching frequency of 100kHz or 133kHz. To improve the overall stability of power, soft start with real ability of these devices to prevent boot overheating or overvoltage on power component damage.

Transformer size shrink 50% PWM controller

Sprinter LT1950 of the features of the company are as follows: with programmable Adaptive voltage clamp (clamp the maximum duty cycle), the front hidden surface, slope compensation and UVLO; current mode control with 16 pins SSOP package; is priced at $ 2.9 (1000 piece quantities)

Common mounting isolation of multiple NPT IGBT packaging

International Rectifier company of IRGIB7B60KD type NPT IGBT of features is as follows: new devices can in up to 175 ℃ of knot temperature Xia work; modulation frequency up to 20kHz; has 10 μ s of short circuit rated value; can respectively provides 8-a, and 10A and 15A of current rated value; 600V non-wearing pass (NPT) IGBT loaded into TO-221 full isolation (full package seal) package in the, minimum isolation voltage for 2kV ; Price US $ 0.63 (10,000 batch).

From multiple lead-free SMD series PolySwitch devices

Tyco Electronics Raychem circuit protection PolySwitch SMD series under the self-dual lead-free devices is now available. SMD series is designed for portable electronic devices, computers and peripherals, communication equipment, and designed for automotive applications, including nanoSMD, microSMD, miniSMD C-design devices and other products. These devices have small size, of current and voltage applied to a wide range of advantages. As a result of the surface-mount, these devices save board space is particularly suitable for demanding product designed to provide combined circuit protection.

New lead-free SMD devices technical specifications consistent with the lead standard devices, can withstand a variety of higher melting temperature of lead welded alternative required, and you can install using current reflow, thus contributing to the process of evolution to lead-free manufacture and Assembly. SMD devices solderability meets the standards of the industry technical specifications, including J-STD-002, and so on.

A linear current sensing motor and inverter drive chipsets

International Rectifier (IR) launched a brand new chipset, for IR iMOTION integrated design specifically designed for motor control and simulation-level platform. The chip contains a new IR2175 linear current sensor IC and existing IR2136 three-phase inverter drive ICS.

IR2175 provides current feedback information, and provide higher bandwidth and faster acceleration of high-speed frequency output (Fo=130kHz) performance, can meet the demanding servo applications, such as high-speed printing, packaging, and machine tools, or even robots and location platform automation applications.

Acted as a IRMC0201 level and digital control of analog level chipsets iMOTION integrated design platform and engine power levels between “bridges”. A new IR2175 device is designed for three-phase 230V AC or DC Brushless industrial drive applications and design, built-in current sensing and protection circuit. IR2175 motor driver circuit to eliminate external optical or Hall-effect sensor, thus reducing the circuit size, simplified design and improved reliability.

Dual output synchronous buck DC/DC converters

Sprinter company (Linear Technology) launches 1.5MHz with dual-output high efficiency synchronous buck regulator LTC3407, through two separate channels offering up to 600mA continuous output current. LTC3407 constant-frequency current-mode structure, input voltage range of 2.5V~5.5V, making it a single lithium ion battery, alkaline or nickel metal hydroxide (NiMH) battery applications the ideal choice.

LTC3407 produces two independent output voltages as low as 0.6V, to power the latest generation of low-voltage DSP and microcontroller. 1.5MHz switching frequency allows using the height below 1.2mm low cost miniature ceramic capacitors and inductors. Dual-output structure, slim external components and MSOP packages make LTC3407 a minimum volume of dual output voltage rail synchronous buck solutions. LTC3407 uses RDS (ON) only 0.35 ω internal switch tube, which, up to 96%.

PowerQor Peta series wide input range half-brick bus converters

SynQor’s new series of half-brick package of high efficiency, high power DC/DC converters. Latest 48V input PowerQor Peta series offers veneer and open framework, up to 240W output power at 12V or 5V.

PowerQor Peta series converters very efficient, to more than 93%, are ideal for intermediate bus architecture to require the full input range of telecommunications (IBA) applications provide an intermediate bus voltage.

PowerQor Peta product series half brick wide input voltage range from between 36V (nominal 48V), 12V (20A) and 5.0V (45A) regulated output voltage. 2000V isolated voltage case, the converter can be used as single-output DC/DC converters modules for 5V and 12V application, or as wide input bus converters use.

SC75 FLMP package of low-voltage MOSFET

Fly semiconductor company (Fairchild Semiconductor) introduces new FDJ129P p-Channel MOSFET devices, integrated power management for portable devices bring performance and space-saving advantages, these devices include mobile phones, PDA, portable music players, GPS receivers, low voltage/low power DC/DC converters and DC Power Jack for Asus F6a digital cameras, and so on. FDJ129P compact SC75 FLMP (flip pin mold package) fly combines high performance Power semiconductor Trench technology, the results can bring about than SSOT-6 or the TSOP-6 package provides similar MOSFET devices reduce board space by 60%. FDJ129P-power 1.8W, maximum steady-state current is 4.2A, this SC75 package products of the same kind of technology by more than 12 times.

High efficiency small Schottky tube

Zetex company ZXSDS2M832 type small Schottky tube on of features is as follows: are to current for 1A Shi are to voltage for 600mV; used double nude chip 3x2mm micro introduction feet package (MLP); Breakdown voltage for 60V, continuous are to current rated value for 1.65A; double diode replaced single nude chip SOT23 diode; may application Yu are to transform device layout, and portable products in the of diode bridge and DC/DC module.

Pentium 4 microprocessor light radiators

Molex company 37430 CoolFin heatsink fan speeds of 5400rpm with 0.33 ° c/w (32.5 ° F/W) thermal efficiency. Subject to 495gm the heat sink, volume as 88x72x44.7mm, is a cool clock frequency of 3.06GHz and older Pentium 4 x designed microprocessor. It uses electronic stamping heat sink of “hybrid” package, one of the pressing heat sinks were wired together and welded on the copper substrate. In order to fully improve the thermal efficiency, directly attached to the heat source of inner-layer heat sink made of copper, while the outer fins made from nickel plated aluminum to reduce weight. A variety of fin spacing, geometry, material type and thickness available.

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October 13, 2011
Stiffness core jinli into enterprise intelligence PC purchase program talk

Office computers are an integral part of every enterprise employee devices every day, corporate employees have to deal with various computer files, statistical data, strong, long time job status to Toshiba Satellite M35 Keyboard  the employee’s office computer performance put forward higher requirements. Outstanding performance of the Office computers to help them quickly and efficiently complete the work, increase the efficiency, growth for enterprise development; back leg while drag-and-development of enterprise


Quickly show that enterprises cannot be separated from the employees to work efficiently in any case, this depends in part on employee performance of your office computer, but using computers in the enterprise, the performance achieved in the minds of employees standard, how is the enterprise of office computer assigned it?

User surpass_li is currently working at a large private enterprises, this site had to be a simple interviews, for the above problem, surpass_li by virtue of their own experiences and experiences, share some ideas:

"In General, employees on work computer is equipped with will have some discontent, especially new employees, the enterprise will control costs, usually using" new blending old computers "approach, for older employees are equipped with a new, stronger work computer, to part of the update, gradually updating purposes. New employees using the old computer, productivity will also be affected. When I first come the company, eliminating down old machine is the old staff. "Surpass_li speaking.

Rapid development of computer technology, processor innovations faster, with the release of second generation smart Intel Core Duo processor, Quad-frequency acceleration 2 technology and hyper-threading technology can bring to computer performance upgrades, thereby enhancing the productivity of the users, if, as in persuading the boss to update the device, what will the breakthrough?

"Chiefs and workers are not the same, CEOs first to think of a company’s overall efficiency, but also a high degree of control costs, and find ways to work computer update of the input-output ratio set before General Manager, is the first consideration. "Surpass_li said.

Surpass_li said: “compared to the second performance, the processor is at the heart of PC, Smart PC has Intel Intelligent processor, compared to the old Office PC processor performance is stronger, while supporting more advanced technology. If an employee is using an old DC Power Jack for Compaq EVO N160  Office PC make a copy of the report, due to the limited computing power processors, took a long time, and another using intelligent PC staff make the same statement, the first to complete in one, let boss see real changes, it is possible to convince CEOs “

"Another point is the cost of maintenance. Fast update speed of computer technology, product life cycle has been shortened, if companies do not consider purchasing a Smart PC, but on a purchase based on the previous generation or generations of PC, input will be relatively lower in the early first, but after a certain usage period, would face high maintenance costs. For example, the same is 2GB the size of the memory stick, DDRII instead of more expensive than DDRIII, and PC boards may also be experiencing the same problem. ”

Editor’s Note: release of the second generation smart Intel Core Duo processor, Quad-frequency acceleration 2 technology and richer set of instructions, processor performance has brought much improvement, intelligent business PC, enterprise employees bring a higher degree of efficiency.

Enterprise updates Office PC is not an easy task, first businesses to consider cost, unreasonable input-output ratio will not be accepted by the company, based on second generation intelligent smart business office PC Intel Core Duo processor, performance is better than the previous generation, business-effective, productivity, and after a life cycle, maintenance costs will also remain at a lower level.

September 15, 2011
Introduction to notebook window of the soul–display

Buy notebook when you consider what factors? When faced with the problem of the time, most people will blurt out: CPU, disk, memory, machine size, weight, price, and so on, a number of factors, based on the needs of different considerations are not the same. But few mentions notebook screen, main output display is a portable hardware, arguably notebook “soul window” actually factors such as fuselage size, weight are effects of notebook display, so should display is considered a notebook, important factors.

Dual-screen notebook

Since its early black and white world of world of color, monochrome LCD since 1985, the world’s first laptop LCD screen, the current color LED display, laptop screen has come a long and difficult journey, with the development of display technology, categories are more and more detail of the display.

Author of this article is designed to let consumers know your laptop’s LCD screen, so as to know how to choose a notebook display, following some basic information on the LCD.

Notebook screen classification

LCD liquid crystal display is short for Liquid Crystal Display, LCD structure is placed in a parallel to two pieces of glass, liquid crystal, two pieces of glass, there’s a lot of vertical and Toshiba Satellite M35 Power Jack  horizontal small wire through power or control rod crystal molecules change direction, will have a screen light up.

Advantage thin display panel (plate type structure), electromagnetic radiation small, passive type display (no glare, helps eye health), display informative, easy color and long life (such devices have little deterioration problem, therefore life long, but limited LCD backlight life).

Disadvantages color colorful enough.

LCD liquid crystal display controlled in different ways can be divided into active and passive Matrix type LCD matrix LCD in two ways.

Passive Matrix type LCD: passive Matrix type LCD Brightness and perspective areas subject to greater restrictions, reaction has been very slow. Because of problems with the image quality, making this display device is not conducive to development for the desktop monitor. Passive Matrix type LCD can be divided into TN-LCD (Twisted Nematic-LCD, twisted nematic LCD), STN-LCD (Super TN-LCD, Super Twisted Nematic LCD) and DSTN-LCD (Double layer STN-LCD, double Super Twisted Nematic LCD).

Active-matrix LCD: now broader application of active-matrix LCD, also known as TFT-LCD (Thin Film Transistor-LCD, thin film transistor LCD). TFT liquid crystal display is a built-in transistor per pixel in the picture, making the brightness more bright, rich colors and a wider area.

Laptop mainly uses DSTN-LCD (called pseudo-color display) TFT-LCD (called true color display) two LCD display. Currently refers to LED backlight LED display screen was relative to current mainstream tubes backlight, display screen is still the LCD.

DSTN (Dual-Layer Super Twist Nematic) LCD: refers to the dual scan twisted nematic, meaning that with dual scanning mode to scan twisted nematic LCD screens, achieve the goal of complete display. DSTN-LCD not a true color display, it can only show a certain color depth, so called “false color”. Due to the poor contrast and DC Power Jack for Fujitsu Amilo L1300  brightness of DSTN-LCD, observation small screen, the color is not rich, especially slow reaction, not suitable for high speed applications such as image, video playback, usually only for text, tables and image processing, now has largely died out.

TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCD: is by film transistor composition of screen, it of each LCD pixel points are is by integrated in pixel points behind of film transistor to driven, display Shang each pixel points behind are has four a (a black, and three a RGB color) mutual independent of film transistor driven pixel points issued color light, may display 24 bit color deep of really color, can do high speed, and high brightness, and high comparison of display screen information. TFT-LCD is one of the best available LCD color display devices, is now mainstream display on portable devices.

Screens resolution and screen proportions

In the parameters table in the notebook, we often see XGA, resolution 1024x768, screen ratio 16:9 words. The resolution is an important parameter to display refers to display the number of pixels per unit area; screen ratio refers to the screen picture ratio of vertical and horizontal. So, what do XGA representative? This was video electronic standard Association developed a display mode by, different models represent various resolutions and screen ratio. Next, I will introduce several display modes are also more common.

Standard screen:

XGA: full name Extended Graphics Array, is IBM were invented in 1990. It supports a maximum 1024x768 resolution, screen size from 10.4-inch, 12.1-inch, 13.3 to 14.1, 15.1 inch. This display mode has been adopted by most of the notebooks on the market display specifications, there are many Web pages, games, projector and other equipment will set it to “prescribed format”, however the current display mode in your notebooks have been relatively rare, but there are still many users like the resolution to tune into 1024x768.

SXGA: full name Super eXtended Graphics Array, is a resolution of 1280x1024 facts on the ground show standards, each pixel is represented by 32 bit (true color). This widely used display standard aspect ratio is 5:4 instead of 4:3.

While the SXGA+ is an extension of SXGA resolution 1400x1050, is a specifically designed for the laptop screen. Same cases, SXGA+ than XGA display 87% more content and because resolution enhancement, screen displays clear, but fonts and images smaller.

UXGA to: Ultra eXtended Graphics the opener Array, Chinese name “speed extended graphics array”, this display mode in 15 inch screen notebook common, supporting maximum x resolution. Appears on the display for a total of 1.92 million pixels, due to the high demands on manufacturing process, so it is relatively expensive, at present only a small number of high-end notebooks are equipped with this type of screen.

Wider screens:

Widescreen can bring a larger display area, while not significantly more fuselage and area of the screen, like it’s widescreen, an area smaller than the standard screen, you can reduce production costs, due to the relatively smaller tubes of larger screen, wide screen brightness and contrast on the average than the standard screen excellent

WXGA: full name Wide Extended Graphics Array, supporting resolutions 1280x768 and 1280x800 are two pixels, screen ratio and 5:3 respectively, are one of the more popular widescreen, suitable for DVD movie’s aspect ratio, so there will be no image distortion while watching DVD or image is not displayed on either side of the problem. Display mode for the LCD can be understood as WXGA+ high resolution versions of WXGA, maximum resolution of 1440x900, screen ratio is also 16:10.

WSXGA+: full name Widescreen Super eXtended Graphics Array Plus and is a display standard resolution of 1680x1050, is SXGA+ wide-screen extended mode. Each pixel is represented by 32 bit (true color). General use of the screen size of 15.4 inches and above widescreen notebook. His screen ratio is 16:10.

WUXGA: full name Widescreen Ultra eXtended Graphics Array, is a resolution of 1920x1200, the screen display modes that scale of 16:10, and 4:3 in UXGA mode, WUXGA screen is also very rare, because of its price is too high, it is generally only the high-end workstation-class notebook with this screen.

In fact, in the current notebook market, screen display modes and longitudinal width ratio of not only these, for example, resolution 1366x768 is a non-standard display mode, at a time like this laptop screen is popular. Also, according to human engineering of research, found people of two only eyes of vision range is not party of, but a long wide ratio for 16:9 of rectangular, so, currently market Shang most notebook are is used of 16:9 of widescreen display, only less part high-end notebook also in using 16:10 of wide screen, and standard of 4:3 screen in now of notebook market in the Basic has disappeared has.

Screen size

Screen size is the notebook has a screen diagonal size, generally represented by inches. As the laptop LCD screen size and resolution is decided according to its market position, so in order to adapt to different groups of spending power and habits, portable LCD monitor size and resolution types than a desktop LCD monitor.

14-inch display

Notebook computer LCD screen size is to be determined by the market positioning of the machine, the screen size can be from a certain extent determines its weight. Those super thin models to pursue mobility, used below is 14 inches of LCD, which screen size including: 6.4 inch, 8.9 inches, 11.3 inch, 10.4 inch, 10.6 inch or 12.1 inch, 13.3 inches; and 14 inches and 15 inch is at performance and portability oriented models the common screen sizes, Mainstream now fixed optical drive or light soft Sony Vaio VGN-FW190N Keyboard  swap was 14.1 inch screen; positioned as large desktop replacement notebooks most common screen, 15.4 and 16.1 inches, even machine uses a 17 inch screens, largest 18.4-inch.

Notebook screen size determines the user visibility and weight of the notebook and portability. To get more stunning visual effects, select super large-screen notebooks is no question about that, however, the weight of the notebook, and will increase as a, to a large extent, reducing the portability. Therefore, when selecting a right for your own notebook, screen size also plays a very important role.

Screen Visual angle

Visual perspective means that a user can watch the screen from different directions clearly all content angle. Delivery after refraction and reflection, the LCD monitor displays lights when output has a certain degree of directionality, are beyond the scope of this watching will produce color distortion. View angle size determines the size of user-visible range and the best viewing angle. If it is too small, users slightly deviate from the front of the screen, the display will shine. Users available in 120 degree view angle as selection criteria.

Two ThinkPad notebook comparison under Visual angle

Currently Visual angle of LCD monitors sold on market are symmetrical but not necessarily symmetrical, often about angles less than about angles. When we say that angle is around 80 degrees, said station starting in screen normal (that is, right in the middle of an imaginary line on the monitor) 80-degree location can still be clearly seen when the screen image. View larger the viewing angle, the better, LCD monitor also has applicability.

Because everyone’s vision is different, so we are subject to contrast, in the maximum amount of Visual angle to contrast the more the better. Currently the Visual angle of most products on the market in more than 120 degrees, some products to more than 170 degrees. Explanations is that different measurement modes, Visual angle have different nominal values, as display manufacturers are usually not stated specific measurement mode, therefore overall, view angle just a reference values.

Portable Visual angle of the screen while it is not a big problem, but when buying notebook is also noteworthy. Because of the different brands notebook LCD screen, so the Visual angle is mixed, where consumers when’s best to personally test, different perspective watching the display, for use later in the process can have a more comfortable viewing results.

Bad points

Also known as the absence of bad spots on the LCD, which refers to the LCD display black and white and red, yellow, and blue primary colors display under the sub pixel, each dot is a sub-pixel. LCD worst fear is bad. Once pixel and regardless of display as demonstrated how images, display a point always displayed the same color. This “pixel” cannot repair, only replacing the entire display could resolve problems. Bad points roughly can be divided into two classes, in which dark is a stuck pixel changes regardless of the screens could not display the content of “black spots”, and the most annoying is that as long as the boot after there have been bright spots. To date, LCD technology development to the present, still not fundamentally overcome that shortcoming.

Bright pixel

General laptop slightly understand when users in the purchase of notebook test software black, white, red, yellow and blue notebook screens under different colors such as bright or dark dot. If you purchased time on LCD notebook pay no heed to, happen to be buying back the laptop screen has one or more bad points, then you are depressed me, was to cry no tears.

Friends would say, there can go to find merchants ask for replacement product. Note that follow the industry default standard, bad point is below 3 is a “OK” phenomenon. Laptop appears certain amount of bright or dark point is a characteristics of LCD technology and any manufacturer, such phenomena were inevitable. Purchase notebook is also very need careful checking of LCD.

Purchase suggestions:

Presentation on laptop LCD screen is over here, then the face of these specifications, parameters, indicators, and other factors we pick a display of laptops do?

For some games lovers, may display the vertical aspect ratio for the 4:3 notebook more appropriate, because many games full screen classes only in the ratio of 4:3

August 9, 2011
Portable times no reason and solving method

Some of our readers use the notebook when encountered the time is not ready. Such as a long time without power on, power the system on time and was found after the last boot time is the same, this did not go! or sometimes time will transfer back, and so on. DC Power Jack for Gateway MX3702  Generally speaking, inaccurate time is mainly the result of the following.

In the BIOS to set the time

We can set the correct time in the BISO, no power on there for a long time this is not the case.

Motherboard battery

This is one of the more common case, in our laptop on board, there is a coin-cell battery, like our BIOS password, hard drive to start a program, also through the motherboard battery. If you set the correct time in the BIOS, but after a while is not accurate, that very likely is the small battery is dead. But notebooks are different from the desktop, if inexperienced readers, I also suggest that you find a professional repair shop to replace a battery, it costs some money.

Timing circuit board damaged

On the motherboard has a quartz crystal, its size is similar to the resistance, the appearance is a silvery metal package of the device, its shell soldered on the motherboard, with the surrounding manifold blocks constitute small capacitance, resistance and a timing circuit. Inaccurate time is usually due to metamorphic timing circuit components on the motherboard or poor quality caused by the failure. Capacitance and Crystal is the main reason for the inaccurate due to time. We can use alcohol to clean first time circuit circuit board in the vicinity, mainly near the capacitance, because dust pollution formation of Dell Latitude X200 Power Jack  distributed capacitance will slow down the clock. If the problem cannot be solved, only to replace the capacitor. In this case, you’d take to a professional repair shop to repair.

Viruses cause

There is also a situation, is the reason why the virus. In such cases, we can upgrade the anti-virus software and anti-virus to safe mode.

July 13, 2011
The world’s first solar reservations sale $ 399 

  • After almost three weeks of waiting, the world’s first solar notebook Samsung NC215S has formally accept reservations in the Amazon, but for now the delivery time is unclear. 
  • Samsung NC215s the whole weight of 1.3kg, while its roof covered with a layer at a solar panel for absorbing solar energy. According to Samsung, the official said, will NC215S solar panel under exposure to sunlight for about 2 hours, about 1 hour to provide conversion of Samsung X10 Power Jack  electricity. However, in order to better absorb solar energy, this selection of black-coated back cover, and only one color. 
  • First Solar Laptop reservations 
  • Samsung, the world’s first solar laptop NC215S reservations 
  • In addition to own solar panels, which no other highlights to speak of this with an ordinary Internet has been basically the same configuration, with a 10.1-inch LED display with a resolution of 1024 × 600 pixels, providing Intel Atom N570 processor, built-in Intel GMA 3150 graphics, built-in 1GB memory and 250GB hard drive, preloaded operating system Windows 7 Starter, Standard 6-cell battery, full power to provide about 14 hours of battery life. 
  • With reservations there NC110, and Samsung R60 Power Jack   them this is not the biggest difference with solar panels, in addition, no abnormal two netbooks. 
  • According to a Samsung insider said, NC215s August 3 will be the first in the U.S., priced at $ 399, equivalent to RMB 2,600 yuan, while the NC110 is priced at $ 329, about 2100 yuan

July 11, 2011
Laptop DC Power Connector for Sony Vaio PCG-GRT100 -

  • DC Power Jack Port for Laptops, Notebooks, Mobile Workstations, & More. AC DC Power Plug Socket Low Profile Motherboard Jack. We offer special pricing for our wholesale and bulk purchasing customers. Please contact us for more information or a price quote.
  • Brand New Replacement Part
  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
  • RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
  • United States Postal Service
  • Products Description :
  • Sony Vaio PCG-GRT100  Power Jack , It is a laptop dc power connector power port power socket power input. Piece inside of the notebook laptop where your power plug plugs into from the ac where the AC DC plug goes into

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